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Certified Digital Marketing Master

Join an exclusive network of highly recognized specialists by gaining the most advanced qualification in digital marketing. It will help you understand how to develop, implement and manage complex, sustainable and successful digital and social media marketing strategies.

88% of our graduates work in senior roles or at management level

Showcase your leadership skills and digital proficiency by becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Master. Our expert level certification, awarded by the University of Salford, the Masters is designed to help you develop an advanced understanding of the key concepts underpinning digital marketing and social selling to develop, implement and manage complex, sustainable and ultimately successful strategies.

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Module Overview


The specialist level of knowledge you develop will place you among the top digital marketing professionals in the industry. There are two stages to the MSc Digital Marketing. The taught stage provides you with essential knowledge and skills in a number of key digital areas. The taught stage is approximately 14 months and the research stage 10 months.


Communications & Consumer

Implement a well-considered process of selecting and developing the best digital strategy. Learn how to address the complexities of planning and become familiar with the concept of strategic management, C-Level analysis and reporting.


Social Media Marketing

Join the social conversation and positively influence it to build brand credibility and growth. Effectively monitor, analyse and manage your social media marketing efforts for campaign success using key social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Search Marketing

Build powerful search marketing campaigns that convert. Students will gain an intricate knowledge of all search disciplines from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and analytics.


Ecommerce & Email

Delve into the additional areas of digital including Display, Email, E-commerce and User-Centered Design. Gain the knowledge required to plan, budget and resource compelling campaigns across Digital, Email and e-Commerce.


Mobile Marketing

Gain a clear understanding of the mobile marketing landscape including: segmentation of audiences, campaign optimization, Mobile Apps & Games, Messaging and Mobile Advertising. Utilize the full value of advertising across the mobile purchasing cycle to effectively target audiences and maximize conversions.


Strategy & Planning

Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital strategy and planning (including Internet of Things, data visualizations and benchmarking) and its context alongside traditional communication channels. Develop a robust digital marketing strategy for your organisation that will stand up to the scrutiny of board-level decision making.


Digital Marketing Communications

Develop critical analysis of integrated marketing communications and associated consumer behavioral foundations. The module will develop your critical awareness and understanding of contemporary issues that influence digital marketing communication and how these impact organisations, consumers and policy makers.


Online & Offline Consumer Behavior

Gain insight into a range of online and offline consumer behaviour theories and their practical application across a broad range of organisations and global insights along with an understanding of marketing and consumption in the context of broader societal issues and trends.


Business Innovation

Developed in partnership with the University of Salford, the second stage of the Master’s program focuses on the development of your Business Innovation Project. This allows you to research and explore your chosen digital area of focus and refine your analytical skills.




Module Overview

Become a Certified Digital Marketing Master

Become a Certified Digital Marketing Master

The Masters in Digital Marketing is designed to help you develop an advanced understanding of the practical skills needed to implement and manage effective digital marketing strategies. You will also develop critical specialist knowledge through the research and writing of your thesis.

By studying this course, you will strengthen your status as an in-demand, influential digital specialist. After you have earned your qualification, you will be able to apply your digital expertise to navigate any challenge in your career.

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An exclusive network - and free as part of your certification - delivers just-in-time training and continuous professional development, and an exclusive and evolving content library that can be used in your daily work.

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Stay Connected. Stay Relevant.

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Why should I study to become a Certified Digital Marketing Master?

This expert level certification is aimed at those who are digitally proficient and ready to lead the digital transformation in their organization. It will help you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from your digital competition with this advanced certification
  • Become a trusted thought leader within your specified area of digital marketing
  • Enhance your career prospects in digital marketing
  • Improve your core marketing and business skills
  • Grow and nurture your customer base
  • Set yourself apart from your professional competition
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Certified Digital Marketing Master admission requirements

To apply for the MSc Digital Marketing, you must meet the minimum admission requirements:

  • Minimum second class honours Bachelors degree in business/commerce/marketing plus a minimum of 1 year digital marketing experience.
  • OR Minimum second class honours Bachelors degree in any discipline plus a minimum of 2 years digital marketing experience

Where an applicant does not meet the normal entry qualification requirement, they may still be considered for entry if they can demonstrate significant digital marketing work experience of a minimum 4 years and acceptable level of responsibility.

If English is not your first language, you may be required to provide a minimum IELTS level 6.5 cert or equivalent. (IELTS needs to valid i.e. have been awarded within the 24 months prior to registration with the University of Salford).

Please note these are minimum requirements and are not an automatic entry to this Masters program. Admission is at the discretion of the Digital Marketing Institute.

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How do I apply for the Certified Digital Marketing Master?

All applicants must complete the application form along with a copy of their degree transcript. The transcript is a document from your university which outlines your academic history, course studied, grades achieved and date of graduation. This can be requested from your university, if you do not have a copy.

All applications and supporting documentation are reviewed by our Admissions Board, prior to places being offered on this Masters program.

Please note: Your place is only confirmed once your application has been approved.

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How is the Masters program assessed?

All the assessment is completed on an individual basis. The taught stage consists of six assignment submissions.

The first two will be based on an organization of your choosing where you will conduct research on that organization’s customers and then develop a digital marketing strategy for that organization. These are both 5,000 word assignments and the others are approximately 3,000 words or equivalent each and can include tasks like secondary research, creating a blog post etc.

The final assessment stage is the Business Innovation Project, developed in partnership with the University of Salford. This allows you to research and explore your chosen digital area of focus and refine your analytical skills.

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How long is the Certified Digital Marketing Master?

The duration of our Masters program is flexible and is typically completed in 2 years on a part-time basis. The taught stage is approximately 14 months and the research stage 10 months. There is an opportunity to take short breaks between different modules and stages, allowing you to complete this advanced digital leadership course at a pace that suits you best.

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How much is the Certified Digital Marketing Master?

The Masters in Digital Marketing costs USD $11515 to study online.

The fee includes all the course materials, personalized support from an industry expert tutor as well as additional resources in the form of Sandbox accounts, Webinars, Online Tutorials, Podcasts, E-Books and much more.

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How strong are your digital skills?

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